Of Waders and Volunteers: India and Bangladesh

By Anand Mishra President, TWSI

Within months of taking over this conservation charity, I realized that world was indeed beyond House Sparrows.

The Unison Call

By Abhishek Soni

The art of story-telling, as one masters with one’s greying temples, says that one should begin the story from end only

Birds feed at sewage drains!

By Nishant Nath Shukla,* Durga Lal Verma,** Sumit Bari*** Govind Yadav****and Harsh Vardhan*****

It was November 2018. We undertook a survey of Amanisha-ka-Nalla (an open drains running for nearly 45 km north-south across city of Jaipur.

Rajasthan’s State bird may be extinct soon

By Mohammad Iqbal

Almost two years after the Rajasthan government proposed setting up of captive breeding centres for the Great Indian Bustards to boost their