Monthly Bird Watching Trail is organized led by Nishant Nath Shukla and Sumit Bari. Environmental Education sessions are held at schools for teachers and students, some were led by Mr. Edward J. McCrea from USA.

White-naped Tit conservation initiative is led by Govind Yadav. The group has been observing this elusive species regularly in forests adjoining Jaipur. Members also visit neighbouring habitats in Haryana, inviting other experts to join hands together.

House Sparrow Day is celebrated annually on 20 March at Central park in Jaipur, joined in by citizens who enjoy it most.

The Indian Birding Fair is held annually during early February at Man Sagar lake in Jaipur, joined in by a few thousand visitors. Nearly twenty schools actively participate in its open-air sessions. Each Fair is dedicated to a species or a habitat or a conservation problem. It is a roaring event and best be experienced by joining it.

Advisory role is played for those desirous to seek conservation/biodiversity related help and on-field exercises demonstrated to them.