The Unison Call

Abhishek Soni

The art of story-telling, as one masters with one’s greying temples, says that one should begin the story from end only to go back to the beginning and then hook the reader by covering all the interesting events with twists and subplots which transpire in the middle while approaching the climax only to submit the story to resolution. As cumbersome and vilely lengthy as it might appear to some, to others it might appear as a process worth losing their peaceful nights for. Man is, as he has been most of the times, the master of his fate. And the story which is being drafted with us being the protagonist in the ambit of this planet is on the verge of a rather decisively interesting twist.

The climax might be in our favour, or it might favour the one on the organised destruction of which we are thriving and planning to thrive incessantly in the days to come as well. It would have become vaguely clear by now that I am talking about the Planet itself. Look around yourself, your city where you grew up and some of you are still growing up, which provides subsistence to your family is being violated. Its air does not seem as fresh and clean as it used to a couple of years ago. Your city does not seem as green as it was when you were younger. The trees which used to stand proud and tall just a year or two back have been cut down brutally for the lack of land to let the jungle of concrete expand. The birds which used to chirp and act as a catalyst in disturbing your morning sleep in an amusingly delighting manner have flown away.

Where? Nobody would say. Every other day you hear and read the news of a leopard getting killed by a mob of angry humans for entering into their posh localities for the lack of a suitable habitat or rather just a habitat itself. The canopied highways you once traveled through have been widened due to increasing traffic with all the trees on both the sides given a tragic death. The lake where you used to float paper boats for hours only to see them sail through in pure awe looks and smells horrible nowadays. The list is nostalgically long, and to think about the fond memories only to be swept off by them and getting rocked to the core while intentionally overlooking the current alarming state of things is a dangerous pastime one should not indulge oneself into.

The nature, as yet, has been kind to us. It has given us the means to live, grow and prosper; what we have given in return is a different topic which needs to be paid attention to separately. Our forefathers clothed the nature with divine powers and revered it ardently. In the present times I think even the nature, so to speak, does not expect any sort of veneration from us, it does though expect a state of harmony among itself and us. And, as you must also strongly feel, we should give such state to it, for the sake of our prosperity the massive debt of which we owe to the nature only.

So, I invite you to join hands with the nature and our fellow beings so that we can give a better tomorrow to our future generations. I invite you to make an acquaintance with the nature and its aspects which have remained latent hitherto. I invite you to become the part of something unusually usual which we have learned to ignore. I invite you to become the precursor of a series of fortunate events which we should hope will transpire in the days to come. I invite you to make a unison call with the nature as has never been made before. I invite you to join the festival of change. As sometimes change too has to be learnt.

Note: The writer is an active volunteer with TWSI and has finance as his profession.