Conserving endangered species and threatened habitats

The TWSI (Tourism & Wildlife Society of India) is a registered charity in India that attempts to generate appreciation and delight in the natural world, its wild species and habitats, making people better aware of what they ought to do to conserve natural resources. It is administered by elected members of its executive committee.

Its on-field organ is known as Indian Birding Fair Group. It is responsible for field level conservation initiatives. Its founder President was Jaipur’s princess, Gayatri Devi. The previous President is Mr. Samar Singh. The present President is Mr. Anand Mishra. Mr. Harsh Vardhan is its Honorary Secretary.



A number of dedicated Volunteers carry out conservation programmes. Each has specialization in one or more aspects of species specific and habitat centric conservation. They contribute their time, resources and experience and are not paid. The group has its merits.